Mother's Day Gift Guide 2018


It's that time of year again to shower all of your favorite Mom's with extra love and some special gifts. Here are some ideas.

Mothers Day 2018.jpg


1. New pajamas. New CUTE pajamas. Whether she likes shorts or pants - long sleeves or short they have something for everyone. And new pajamas are always a good idea. 

2. A GIANT key ring. It comes in a bunch of beautiful colors and textures. It fits around your wrist and with a bright enough color almost impossible to lose. Hint Hint. 

3. Fresh Flowers. And you don't have to go crazy. If you have a Trader Joe's or Whole Foods near you you can get some gorgeous bouquets.  

4. Meaningful Jewelry. This sweet necklace from Mark and Graham allows you purchase your necklace and first letter and add additional ones as well.  

5. A new cookbook. I'm always looking for new recipes and a little Magnolia in your life never hurt anyone. 

Give yourself a gift year too. Maybe it's a few minutes of quiet time alone or a manicure or putting down your to do list and ENJOYING your family. 


You're probably thinking - why are you showing me a picture of journals? What does this have to do with Mother's Day. 

Before I had kids I read a magazine article written by a Mom who had set this up for her children. Every Mother's Day they would write her a letter and draw her a picture and when they each moved out of the house they had this beautiful keepsake.  It was the only gift she asked every year and that story struck a cord with me. 

This is going to be my gift to myself this Mother's Day. I'm getting a journal for each of my kiddos so we can write notes and draw pictures to each other throughout the years.

Nissan Quest.jpg

And why are you showing me a picture of a minivan you ask?

It's because gift I've asked for this year is to get "The Toaster" detailed and I'm ecstatic!

No more goldfish or sand or dog hair!

At least for a few days. Who am I kidding?