Which home would you prefer to buy?


Staging starts when…

you’re ready to put your home on market. But where do you start?

Over the years I’ve worked with realtors to stage homes but I think what makes my experience truly valuable is that I successfully staged our home for sale when my kiddos were 4 years old and 6 months old with a golden retriever in tow.

I will help you set up a plan of action that works for your family, helps your home sell and allows you to still live in your space while it’s on the market.

Organization starts when…

you open a closet and something topples out at you or it’s snowing and you go looking for your hat and gloves that you know you put in a really good spot and come to find they’re no where in the house.

Want some help getting your home in order? I can help.

The stuff you own has to help you create the life you want. And if it doesn’t, why is it in your home?
— Peter Walsh